Hickory Street United Presbyterian Church

Hickory Street United Presbyterian Church is a faith community that is open to all persons.  Everyone is welcome to join us for fellowship and growing in Christian discipleship. We delight in sharing God with others, and know that we can only truly become who God wants us to be, by being in relationship with others.  Our pastor, Rev. Clinton A. Randall, values the opportunity to explore with others their thoughts and questions regarding faith, life, the Church, and what it truly means to, "love your neighbor as yourselves."  Eighteen Ruling Elders join our pastor on Session, the governing body of any Presbyterian church. Twelve Deacons watch over the special needs of those in and outside our congregation.

Hickory Street Presbyterian Church was founded on January 28, 1856 as the German Presbyterian Church. In 1931 the name was changed to Hickory Street Presbyterian, and in the early 1960s it was given its third name, Hickory Street United Presbyterian Church. The last German sermon was preached by the Reverend Dr. Theodore Hahn in 1941.

Twelve pastors have served the church, four of whom (Nordt, Hahn, Maurer, and Collins) served for a combined 104 years. It is a church of long pastorates, the longest was held by our former pastor, The Rev. Dr. Tom Collins. The Reverend Dr. Tom Collins, who retired in 2011, was the first pastor of non-Germanic heritage.  On May 3, 2015 at a special Called Meeting of the Congregation, the members of Hickory Street United Presbyterian Church conferred the title Pastor Emeritus upon the Rev. Dr. Tom Collins.

The German influence plays absolutely no role in our present ministry and witness. More than 60% of the congregation has joined in the last 25 years. Many of those members came to us through the merger with Petersburg Presbyterian Church in 1994. Others have been attracted to our church family through a vibrant ministry to children and youth, our worship experience, and the enjoyment of each other and God as we serve and share God's gifts.